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The US Polyethylene, Ethylene & Ethane Export Report 2016-2020 is a quantitative report, providing data and analysis on the production and export of ethane, ethylene and polyethylene from the US between 2015 and 2020.

Key reasons to purchase this report:
  • Integrated ten year commodity pricing forecasts for polyethylene, ethylene and ethane.
  • U.S. polyethylene, ethylene & ethane export volumes, logistics and infrastructure.
  • International market analysis: supply and demand, trade flows and infrastructure projects.
  • Unique insight into the competitiveness of U.S. polyethylene exports: total export costs, terminal cost comparisons, feedstock trade-offs and U.S. export net backs.
  • Comprehensive and integrated data sets: Including 44 tables, 56 figures, 100 pages of analysis & 120 tabs of excel data.
  • Ethane export margins by terminal and destination through to 2020.
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Key questions answered:
  • What are the primary export markets for US ethane, ethylene and polyethylene?
  • What quantities are expected to be exported?
  • What are the logistics, infrastructure and transportation costs of export to each market?
  • What vessel sizes and types are the most cost effective for international exports?
  • What will US ethane cracker capacity be between 2016 and 2020?
  • What impact will the low oil price environment have on feedstock production, ethane projects and product exports?
Download your brochure for the 2016 edition by filling out your details on the right hand side

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