US Downstream Engineering, Construction & Maintenance Market Outlook 2017
Key Contributors Include:

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Key Features of this 40-page whitepaper include:

Downstream Market Analysis
  • Downstream Capital Investment - Near and long-term outlook on capital investments in petrochemical, refining, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the United States.
  • Construction Costs Analysis - Ethylene plant construction costs date, including a Gulf Coast VS North East comparison
  • Maintenance Spending - Planned maintenance activity and spending forecast for 2017
  • Project Updates - Comprehensive update on 1st wave of downstream expansion projects including completion and start up dates
Operator Case Studies
  • Major Petrochemical Project - Doug May, President of Dow provides key insight into the successful execution of their USGC expansions
  • Greenfield Refining Project - Bill Prentice, CEO of Meridian gives us exclusive insight into their planned greenfield refinery project
  • LNG Export Project - Taylor Auburg, project director for Freeport LNG discusses the challenges faced when developing one of the largest industrial projects in Texas history
  • Commissioning & Start-Up - Paulo Hugo Ramos, project director for Braskem/IDESA tells us the secret to the successful commissioning and startup of their brand new mega project in Mexico
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds – Chris Vaugh, maintenance and turnaround leader for Dupont shares their successful multi-year effort to transform its execution of shutdowns and TARs
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Table of Contents

2.1. Petrochemical Construction Market
2.1.1. Market Overview
2.1.2. Projects Update
2.1.3. Construction Costs
2.1.4. Case Study: Dow Chemical USGC Expansions
2.1.5. Outlook
2.2. Refining Construction Market
2.2.1. Market Overview.
2.2.2. Case Study: Meridian Energy Davis Refinery
2.2.3. Outlook
2.3. Liquefied Natural Gas Market
2.3.1 Market Overview
2.3.2. Projects Update
2.3.3. Case Study: Freeport LNG
2.3.4. Outlook
3.1. Commissioning and Startups
3.1.1. Overview
3.1.2. Case Study: Braskem, Etileno XXI
3.2. Shutdowns and Turnarounds
3.2.1. Market Overview
3.2.2. Projects Update
3.2.3. Case Study: Dupont, Alabama
3.2.4. Outlook
3.3.1. Design for Reliability
3.3.2. Procure for Reliability
3.3.3. Construct for Reliability
3.3.4. Operate for Reliability
3.3.5. Maintain for Reliability
3.3.6. Organize for Reliability
3.3.7. Continuously Improve Reliability

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