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  • Capacity Additions – The latest data on petrochemical capacity expected to hit the market in 2018-2020 and how those additions will play a key role in supply chain decisions and investments
  • 2018-2020 Supply Chain Spending – Assess how much is being spent to support supply chain growth and where this is being spent in relation to port, rail, vessel, packaging and infrastructure projects
  • Supply Chain Tech Innovations – Hear how blockchain technology, automation and autonomous driving are set to radically change supply chain operations in 2018 and beyond
  • Trade & Cargo Flows – Examine emerging new export markets for America’s plastic resin wave and assess the potential impacts of an impending trade war with China on petrochemical exports
  • Container Shortages – Hear a viable solution to addressing container shortages by ports, trucking and rail working together
  • Hurricane Harvey – Lessons learned post Harvey and how stakeholders are working to improve the resiliency of the supply chain post major weather events

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